Benjamin Morrison (1998) is a freelance documentary photographer, based between Ireland and the Netherlands. He has a background in the Natural Sciences, with a BA from Trinity College Dublin (2020). In 2021, he received the Agility Award Grant from the Irish Arts Council. In January 2022 he took part in the ‘Zone’ Artistic Residency in Borsec Romania. While isolated deep within the Carpathian Mountains, he used the external landscape as a medium of self-expression, with which he created a fictional post-human landscape. 

Later in May 2022 he exhibited his project, 'I Hear It In The Deep Heart's Core’, a project that was created in response to the growing awareness of our dependency for wild nature spaces. The work was exhibited in Soearth Studios, a gallery space and arts centre that ties together environmental and mental well-being, with creative practices. Benjamin is currently studying an MA in Photography & Society at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. 

Concerned with the biodiversity and the climate crisis, Benjamin responds to these issues by making visual bodies of work that engage with subjects and viewers and prioritises impact. Working within communities, and forming an interactive and reciprocal relationship with these communities, is an integral part of Benjamin’s practice. To this end, collaboration is key component to his entire practice. Benjamin seeks collaboration on all the stages in a works production, from researching, to making and to the final presentation of the work (and to the continued and ever evolving relationships that a project entails). 


(353) 871634919


- Natura / Soearth Projects, Kildare / May 2022

- Nightlife / Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) & Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Feb 2020

- Chaos & Order / DUPA Christmas Exhibition / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Nov 2019

- Environment / DUPA & Environmental Society / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2019

- End of Year  / DUPA - The Copper House Gallery / Mar 2019

- Self Love / Exhibition DUPA & Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) / Trinity College Dublin / Feb 2019

- Celebrating Age / DUPA / Atrium Trinity College Dublin / Nov 2019

- Identity & Discrimination / DUPA & SUAS / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2018

- Depicting Protest / DUPA / GMB Trinity College Dublin / Oct 2018

- End of Year / DUPA / Temple Bar Art Gallery / Mar 2018

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